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Try as we might to grasp perfection, there are times when mistakes get past me and my testers! This page is devoted to the ones that slipped past us. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Dresden Flags

Page 1

Large Flag Cutting

Each of 4 Blue with white fabrics

Cut 1 strip 2 3/4" x width of fabric (4 total).

Cut 12 squares 2 3/4" (48 total).

When you sew them together (page 3)

Make Dresden Plate Background Squares

Sew 4 different Blue with white 2 3/4" squares together to make a 5", 4-Patch block. Press.

If you've already made the blocks with the wrong size blue squares, don't remake them. Cut down the cream & red strips to 2 1/2" each or if they're sewn together already too, fold them right sides together & trim 1/4" off the strip's long edge that doesn't have the seam. Your finished flag will just be a little bit smaller.


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